Acoustic show

We started our artistic journey in the summer of 2015 playing witout any sort of amplification systems: there was only the pure sounds and tones of the cello, piano, drums combine together.

MMXV – ep

After a few weeks of rehearsals we released our first EP MMXV. As you can listen there is no post production or any sort of digital manipulation of the band’s sound!


One year later, in september 2016 we found the art director Fabio who help us improve the arrangements and in a few months of rehearsals and live shows in theaters, we published Proxima Centauri B in CdBaby digital store. Click the button below to listen to a little preview of our trakcs!

THE CIRCLE – album

From late 2016 to summer of 2019 we worked hard to increase our sound’s and tone’s knowledge : in fact we have realized that it’s not fair give us limits (actually is not fair for nobody in this universe!), so we composed two big sonatas, Sonata Terra and Sonata Fuoco.

Sonata Terra is a combination of acoustic and electronic instruments! Luca and Riccardo (piano and cello) enriched their gear and now they are experimentig the infinite possibilities of Korg and Novation keyboards.

But the most relevant news is Sonata Fuoco: last year we put our voices in the music and the result is superb! We didn’t want to think about a text, because our musical genre is something different from the others in the music business; so we just sing the main melody with a overlap of thirds and octaves…and magic begins!

For us, it’s been a wonderful discover: we have exceed our limits and studying the colors of our voice we finally understand what to do in the next album and live concepts…a music totally immersed in itself, with no words, with no social contaminations, no concepts or thoughts, just music in it’s pureness.